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Bearvillebuzz rules

Post  Admin_KatieBee on Tue Aug 25, 2009 5:08 pm

Hi and welcome to bearvillebuzz please read all the rules and follow them to please

1.Don't use the Lords name in vain or use bad language ect.

2.Don't say anything that could hurt anyones feelings.

3.Don't post any pictures unless ones of babv or on the dct.

4. Don't post any links out of the link forums in pms,vms or the chat box.

5. Don't post in red or blue unless you are a mod or admin.

6. No asking to be mod admin ect. those are given to you when we think you deserve them.

7. Listen to mod admin and ect when the tell you something cause if you don't you could be kicked out or banned.

8. Be kind to everyone.

9. No posting on every post for no reason or just to be the highest poster.

10. Don't ban or kick out people for no reason if you become a admin.

11.Don't give out any personal information no mod or admin will ever ask you for that on this website.

12. Don't impersonate other members ect.

13. Don't post youtube video links on forums or chat boxes

14. No spamming in post, forums or chat boxes

15. No begging for items in the trading room

16. No trading outside of the trading den.

17. If any questions contact admin or mod.

Thanks for reading bearvillebuzz rules Very Happy


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